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I first started cycling with the Renault, Elf Gitane Team in France in 1982 where Greg LeMond and I were instrumental in helping Bernard Hinault win his coveted 4th Tour title. By the way, what's the big deal with the Alpe D'Huez anyway, so it has a couple of switchbacks? It didn't seem so hard when I pulled LeMond and Hinault up it.

Actually 1982 was the year that I purchase my first light weight (21.5 lbs that was light back then) bicycle. I envisioned myself a comet on wheels but I never had the nerve to join a race team. I just went out and rode for fun and the feeling of freedom that you get with the wind whipping through your hair (not a lot of people wore cycling helmets back then, pretty stupid).

I scaled back on the cycling when I spent three years in Eastern Washington. My first time in the snow for any prolonged period of time. So I hung up my bike the first winter and never really brought it out again during my three year stay.

In 1998 a friend of mine from school ran a marathon with Team in Training and he told me how great the program was. I fed off of his enthusiasm about the team and I really wanted to join. Though I had not yet been touched personally by either Leukemia or Lymphoma, working for a cause such as the eradication of such a horrid disease was uplifting. The only catch was, there was no way on God's green earth that I was going to run a marathon. I found out about the Cycle Team and joined up to do the Lake Tahoe Century in the Spring of 1998. That was my first season with Team in Training.

Since that Season I have done the following:
Mentor Tucson Team, Fall 1998,
Ride support Chico Team, Winter 1999
Assistant Coach Lake Tahoe Team, Fall 1999
Assistant Coach Tucson Team, Fall 1999
Assistant Coach California Alps Team, Winter 2000
Mentor Las Vegas Team, Summer 2000
Assistant Coach Chico Team, Winter 2001

I really love the sport of cycling, either going out on a ride, or watching or talking about cycle races or talking about technique or equipment. My goal as a coach for Team in Training is to get you to enjoy cycling almost as much as I do. (You don't want to love it as much as I do because I'm an obsessive personality.)

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