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I have has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area most of my life and someday would like to buy the city of San Francisco a fire truck. When I was a little kid, I accidentally set fire to 2 buildings. Honest! It was an accident. When I wasn't busy playing with matches, as a kid I could often be found repelling down the side of my house on a garden hose (like Spiderman), playing basketball, or out exploring the neighborhood on my blue Schwinn.

A friend at my gym suggested that I try Team in Training. At the time, I knew nothing about Leukemia, but being a part of Team in Training has been and is one of the most rewarding things I do. I initially joined Team in Training with plans to train for a triathlon, but have been in the cycling program since the Summer 1999 Season. Las Vegas was my 1st century as a participant. I then rode ride support for the Spring 2000 Season Lake Tahoe and then I became a coach for the Summer 2000 Season - Las Vegas.

The best part about coaching is watching the participants grow and being a part of their success as they cross the finish line. With TNT, you are constantly challenged to ride faster, stronger, higher, and longer. There are hills to climb, downhills to descend, nature's elements to combat, and with every obstacle there lies an opportunity to challenge ones self. To be all that you can be. (Yes, I was in the Army and am totally unreachable on Sundays during football season.)

I think the most important thing that helped me as a participant was connecting with the Honoree's. This was kind of difficult because most of the time, my Honoree's were too sick to travel. I did learn about one of my Honorees through this website; Alex's Place, where I learned what Leukemia patients and their families go through. To me, the Honorees and their families are a great source of inspiration, courage, and faith. That's why I'm involved with TNT. As for why cycling, over the other programs. I'd rather cycle 100 miles than walk/run 10.

To the relief of San Franciscans, I live in Clayton, California, with my 2 dogs, Seven - a Dalmation and Einstein - a Yellow Lab.

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