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Assistant Head Coach-Cyd Heisler first got involved with Team in Training in spring of 1996 through a co-worker who had participated in LSA's first Century in Davis. After completing her first century on a hybrid wearing tennis shoes, (she was wearing the tennis shoes), she decided that endurance cycling was something she wanted to continue.

During the past 5 years, she has completed dozens of centuries, four death ride passes, and such noted foreign climbs as the Gran Ballon in France and Prato Nevoso and Sestriere in Italy.

In her non-cycling hours, she is a manager with Franklin Templeton Investments Strategic Alliance Services. Her favorite road foods are Lemon Zest Luna Bars, raspberry Hammer Gel, and Caramel Peanut Think Bars.

Her sport drinks of choice are Cytomax Go Grape or Gatorade Riptide Rush. She is most happy when riding her titanium Seven (like a Nimbus 2000 for you Harry Potter fans). She lives in San Mateo with her husband, Barry, and two cats, Melvin and Baby Willis. Her favorite sound is purring cats. Her dislikes are falling, falling and falling.

Cyd and Barry

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