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  Eric Wright, Ride Support

Back in the day you'd find me on the bike all the time. Commuting, exercise... all the time. What happened? I fell victim to long hours, a real commute, and bad habits. Oh the benefits of the software industry. The few times the bike came off the wall, I loved it... Getting my butt on the seat was the hard part.

Then I was hit hard by news of my best friend Steve's battle with Lymphoma. He introduced me to TNT. What better motivation to bet back in the saddle. I trained last season for the El Tour d'Tucson and really had a blast. Steve's in remission now and just ran with my wife in the Honolulu marathon (crazy runners)!

In my non-bike spare time, I love to cook (and eat), I'm a home improvement junkie, dedicated coffee snob, and loving father of 3 dogs. Ask me about any of them and I'll have a story for you. See you on the road...

Eric Wright, Ride Support

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