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Looking back; running has always come easy for me. Although I never considered myself an athlete. Then in my 20's I discovered skiing, and working at becoming the best skier I could, it was easy. In the middle 80's I didn't ski as often and took to running as a way to stay in shape. I ran and rode in an inconsistent manner until the middle 90's when I joined Team In Training as a participant for the Honolulu Marathon. That year (1996) while training for the Marathon, I also rode my first century. It was so much fun, I rode 3 more that same year.

1997 was the year I started out as Ride Support for the first couple of rides then moved into a coaching posistion. I didn't get to ride as many centuries that year as I had hoped as I seperated my shoulder in a crash during a bike race in May. When I wasn't able to ride I spent my time in the gym and running in attempt to maintain my basic level of fittness. In 1998, my good friend John Ino said "You know, the way you ride and run, if you learn how to swim, you could kick ass in triathlons". I decded to wait untill 1999 to become a triathlete. There were many things I still wanted to do on a bike (numerous classic centuries, The Death Ride, Cycle Oregon). In November 1998 I joined a master's swim team so I could learn how to swim. I swam every chance I got, all the while thinking I'd drown in my first event if I didn't. Since then, I've competed in somewhere around 30 triathlons of varing lengths. My proudest moment coming as I crossed the finish line at Ironman California last May. As of January , it's time to get serious about Ironman Florida next November.

The thing I like most about riding centuries is;they are not races, they are social events and should be treated as such. I enjoy seeing past participants at the rest stops and the bond that is there between all cyclists. Weather you ride fast or slow from rest stop to rest stop, it doesn't matter, we're all in this together.

It seems I've babbled on. I really don't like the way I've layed all this out. I'm granting you artisic freedom to use the above information anyway you like to make sense of it. I hope you had a good Christmas, and I'll see you at the Year's Day ride up Mt. Diablo ...Kurt


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