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Monica came to cycling from running. She bought a mountain bike and rode on dirt exclusively for two years before buying a road bike. She rode both as a recreational cyclist for a few years.

Her involvement with TNT started when she received a flyer in the mail that described the program. At first she looked at it as just another flyer for just another charity ride. She'd been doing many of those for a few years. Once she read the flyer, Monica thought that after four months of training, she should be able to complete a century. Cyclists who did centuries were "hardcore" in her book! Monica ended-up signing for the second TNT cycling program, at the instigation of her riding pal, which was for the Manteca century (never to be done again!) in Spring 1996. She started coaching Spring 1997, at the invitation of Cindy Olavarri, and has been coaching for TNT ever since. Her enthusiasm for the sport was fueled by the training she did as a participant and has been growing over the years.

She has gone on to do the Death Ride twice: four passes in 1998 and all five in 2000. She's even dabbled in racing, resulting in a win at Winters Road Race in 2000. She plans on defending that win this year! If you ask her what she likes to do most when riding her bike, expect her to say, "Descending!" Yes, Monica is known amongst her friends for her descending and the fact that she likes speed! If you want to know what fuels her, Mocha Blast Promax bars, apricot Clif bars, and GU are big favorites.

In her non-cycling life, Monica enjoys downhill skiing and hopes to get back into scuba diving, which she did pretty regularly until cycling became her primary sport. Monica has been working in medically related jobs for the last 12 years, mostly in the hospital setting and then in various businesses, settling on the catastrophic case management company where she spends her working days. When she's not concerned about getting up early for a ride, Monica likes to do diverse activities, like going to museums, movies, dancing, or just hanging out with her friends. Of course, she's always there if the activity involves food!

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