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  Jessica Kesselman, Honoree Captain

I'm a native New Yorker (isn't every one out of three people in California?), an aspiring writer and printmaker, a great cook, a passionate reader, wife to Rich, future mommy to many babies. So far, being thirty-something beats being twenty-something!

A few of my favorite things: coffee, Brazilian food and music, baseball, and spending countless hours digging for gold in independently owned record and book stores.<>/p>

Proudest moment other than my wedding day - finishing the Las Vegas Century alongside a great group of people from Team in Training. I came back as Honoree Captain for the Winter 2002 season and really enjoyed connecting the participants to four incredible individuals- our honorees.

Team in Training continues to be a rewarding and challenging experience as I head into my third season.

Jessica Kesselman, Honoree Captain

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