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Welcome Team! Okay, so you probably don't feel like a team right now, but you will. Team in Training has an incredible way of taking an individual sport and turning it into one of the best team experiences you will ever have.

When I first joined TNT in the spring of 2000 it was to train for an event I had never done before and to raise money for a great cause. Okay, I was also hoping to meet some new people as I had just moved to the City. What I did not expect were the incredible friendships I have made - not a bad fringe benefit to doing something good and getting in shape.

Whatever your motivation for undertaking this event, know that you are in for an adventure. If you have any doubts that you can do this (or the fundraising), I'd encourage you to remember what a privilege you have in your good health and heed these words my first mentor told to me:

Whatever you can do, or dream you can, BEGIN IT. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it -Goethe

I'll be available to you whenever possible for workouts, fundraising issues, or just to talk. Have a great time this summer, be bold and find joy in every moment - that's what life's about. Go Team!

Ooops, I forgot the personal bio stuff - if you want to know more just ask J

Lisa Marie Corcoran


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