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Paul began his Team in Training experience in the Winter 2000 season. Along with friend and fellow TNT volunteer Debbie Kuck, Paul trained for and completed the Chico Wildflower Century in Chico, California in April of 2001. The experience proved to be challenging, rewarding and satisfying, but it also proved to be a great way to contribute to a community of outstanding and remarkable people. Paul continued his commitment to the TNT cause in the summer of 2001 by volunteering as the team mascot and ride support. This experience led him to the Seacoast Century in New Hampshire in September of 2001. Paul took the unique opportunity to capture these events with a digital camera and create a digital diary for the team.

In the summer of 2002, Paul has volunteered once again for Ride Support, Web Captain and Team PIA. (See Danielle Elu for PIA definition). This season's team brings them to Spokane Washington for a Century in the Great Northwest and Paul will be there to capture the season as it unfolds. Follow the digital diary as the season unfolds.

In his spare time, Paul likes to swim, fish, cycle, cook, bake, clean, paint, build computers, create origami, volunteer at wildlife centers, hold social etiquette classes for computer programmers, make fun of normal people. He is a Pisces and enjoys long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners and a good little woman who will boss him around.

To all new cyclists: this is truly one of the best experiences you can embark upon that will challenge you mentally, physically and emotionally. I strongly encourage you to participate in this season, and if you're not completely satisfied, feel free to bitch slap me for talking you into it.

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