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     When I relocated to California about 4 years ago, I was so impressed with the diversity of the people, the terrain, the climate, the cost of living, and the fitness activities. So, I had to see what my body could do as I was a mid-west gal. Since my transition, I have been hooked. My initial adventure was running. I joined a group like TNT that started you as a novice and trained you to do a full marathon. I couldn't believe the transformation within myself: weight loss, increased self-esteem, I was feeling good, and making new friends. When I was training I would see these TNT participants and their great support. I was so impressed with their enthusiasm and team spirit and thought that I must see what they are all about.

     In May 2000, I went to an info meeting and signed up. It was the best decision that I had made but the fundraising scared me! I am an R.N. at Stanford hospital and sought the research department and asked if they receive support from the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society. Again, I was in awe: I was told that they wouldn't be there if it were not for the funding from the Society. When they walked me through their projects, I had no further doubt. Once my colleagues and or patients heard what I was doing, the dollars appeared. If anyone needs fundraising advice, seek me.

     It is a great Society but then I am biased. This season will mark my fifth century ride with TNT. Besides cycling with TNT, I have made friends and connections with various cycle clubs. Needless to say, my running and rollerblading have taken a back seat to my bike.

     I wish you success in your adventure and hope that your experiences will be as rewarding as mine! Please seek me for any questions and concerns.

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