We all know how much Steve loved his family and loved to brag about his children.

What you may not know is that Steve was a closet poet.

When he was first diagnosed he wrote a poem entitled “Coming Home” which is printed on the insert to your programs and was recited by Pastor Jordan-Hass at the beginning of the service.

He also wrote a poem for each of his children.

            For Katy: “Treasure Chest”

            For Haley: “Spirit” and

            For Charlie: “Golden Ticket”

These poems have been printed and are displayed on the table

near the side entrance where some of you came in.  If you have not had a chance, I invite you to read the poems down in Horton Hall following the service.

He also wrote a poem for Barbara entitled “One Look” which

I would like to share with you.

       One look a life has changed

As love did come to me

One look one fateful day

Has meant it all to me

One look has marshaled strength

Where weakest feelings felt

One look has brought out rays

So warmest care be dealt.

One look upon the stairs

Has swept my whole away

One look of tender stares

So clearly makes my way

One look of full embrace

No shade of doubt can part

One look of love I’ve found

And so it fills my heart.

                                                                For Barbara

                                                                Love Steve