Thank you all for coming.   On behalf of my Mom and our family, we would like to thank everyone for their never-ending love and support.

A few months ago, my high school English teacher gave us the task of writing about my hero. While others around me panicked, I knew immediately who I was going to write about. There is no doubt in my mind that my father is my hero.  My father is someone I will always look up to, for he has always been dedicated to my family, he was a great father when I was growing up and he has always shown that no one should give up even in the worst of times. 

When most people think of a hero they assume it is someone who has super powers that came out of a comic book, or someone who saved another’s life.  But in my case my hero is a lot more than that.  He has overcome major obstacles and has never given up.  Even through his worst times, he always seemed to accomplish his goal of being a great father.   When I was in 5th grade, my father was diagnosed with sarcoma cancer.  Sarcoma is a very rare cancer that arises from the cells and is found in the tissues of the body.  He went through countless surgeries and tried almost every medicine available but he never seemed to get a break.  My father was always strong.  Not in the way of muscle but inside.   When he lost his hair because of chemo, he still presented himself like he was no different.  When his hopes were destroyed when the cancer kept returning year after year, he still stayed tough.  He has not only been my hero by setting an example that we should never give up but he also has been responsible for keeping my family together.  During these difficult times, it’s not unusual for families to pull apart and become stressed over the situation.  But that was not the case.  My Dad has always been a shining star that we look up to.  He has always been a hero with unbelievable strength and courage.

“GOALLL!”  The crowd screams as I sprint down the soccer field.  The adrenalin rushed through my body as fans are screaming my name.  I turn to the sideline to glance at them and I immediately make eye contact with my Dad.  He is sitting there, hands in the air, watching me with excitement.   He was there watching every game since I was a little girl.  He didn’t only do that for me but also for my sister and brother.  Even though it became a lot harder for him recently, being with the family and having fun with us was always his number one priority.  He came to as many games as his body would allow.  If he was not there to watch them, then when you got home he would listen to you hours on end so he could find out how it went.  He has been such an inspiration to me and to my family to have a father like him.   One of the best parts was that he was always smiling.   Even though he knew he wasn’t in the best situation he always looked at the bright side.    He will remain our guiding light for ever.

The past couple of years in my life haven’t been the best with my Dad sick a lot of the time.  Most kids would wish it would all go away and we could go back to a normal life. Whoever granted that wish sure would be their hero.  But I don’t necessarily see it in that way.  I have my father, my own hero.  He has shown my family and me that you should never give up and always keep fighting and also that family and support for each other is so important.  My Dad will always be there for me.  He IS my hero!