Chronology of Military Service & Related Events
Col. Fred T. Wilson
At the age of 94, my Grandfather wrote an eight page chronology of his life. The following is that chronology. It is entered as written to preserve the "feel" of the original document.
I hope you find it interesting.
Lt. Wilson, 1919a dotNovember 4,1895: Born at 88 Jefferson Ave in Mamaroneck, New York.

a dotJune 1913: Graduated RyeNeck High School - Class of 7 students

a dot1913 to 1915: Studied civil engineering at N.Y.U. Member Delta Sigma Phi fraternity

a dot1915 to 1917: Worked at 5th Ave bank in NYC.

World War I

a dotApril 6, 1917: President Wilson declared war on Germany. Ordered General Pershing to form 1st Division. Prepare for A.E.F. to France.

a dotMay 15, 1917: Entered Plattsburg O.T.C. with my co-worker and friend at 5th Ave Bank.

a dotAugust 15, 1917: Both graduated, appointed 2nd Lieutenants and entered on active duty. Both were selected from his company as 1 of 5 to proceed to France as casual officers to fill the officer shortage in the 1st Division which had sailed from NY on 6-14-17.

a dotSeptember 6, 1917: As casual officer I sailed from Hoboken N.J. aboard a coast-wise steamer USS H.R. Mallory attached for travel to the 101st Infantry, Mass. National Guard. Our ship was 1 of 8 in convoy with 2 battleships. My daily duty assignment was Crows-Nest 6:30 to 8:30am. Daily drills and target practice were held.

a dotSeptember 20, 1917: Docked at St. Nazaire, France - population 40,000 - German prisoners 10,000

a dotSeptember 26, 1917: After 6 days wait-received orders with Frank and about 35 other casual officers to Allied Headquarters at Etaples on English Channel, near Boulogne.

a dotOctober 1, 1917: Started 5 weeks course at British Trench Warfare School at Hardelot, France on channel near Corps. Headquarters.

a dotNovember 3, 1917: Course completed - Each officer ordered to a front line British command post. I to a C.P. for 4 days.

a dotNovember 8, 1917: Orders received - Now on way to 1st Division through Paris. 37 officers -1st and 2nd Lieutenants.

a dotNovember 10, 1917: Lt. Melly, Lester and I missed train in AM on 10th and reported 1 day late.

a dotNovember 11, 1917: Reported on this historic date through regimental Headquarters to Company B, 1st Battalion 16th Infantry, 1st Division which was destined to last until my honorable discharge on 10-6-19. C.O. of 16th Infantry was Col. John L. (Birdie) Hines, later to become US Army Chief of Staff. Adjutant was 1st Lt. George (Daddy) Phipps. I was ordered to Co. B under 1st Lt. Charles W. Ryder (West Point 1915). He placed me C.O. of 2nd Platoon were I remained until wounded at Soissons 7-18-18.


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