Chronology of Military Service & Related Events
Col. Fred T. Wilson
Part 4
Fred T. Wilson, circa 1922a dotJune 1, 1920: After the death of my father, I was appointed Secretary and CEO of the Mamaroneck Co-Op Savings and Loan Association which was the start of my new career. For almost 55 years I was CEO of that organization; with almost 4 years leave of absence for service in WWII.

a dotApril 1942: I attended, as was my custom, the 1st Division Officers Reunion at the Waldorf Astoria in NYC. At that time I met so many of my old friends from the 1st who strongly urged me to re-enlist.

a dotMay 1942: Applied for commission.

a dotJune 8, 1942: Appointed Major.

a dotJune 24, 1942: Entered active duty at New York Port of Embarkation. Assigned to the Troop Movement Division. Maj. General Homer N. Groninger, C.G. of NYPE and Col. George Fingarson C.O. of the Troop Movement Division.

a dotSummer 1942: Had the great priviledge of being assigned as shipping officer to move my very own 1st Division from I.G.M.R. in Pennsylvania to England, under Maj. G. Terry Allen. Entrained from I.G.M.R. near Pittsburg to Hoboken, N.J. then bussed to Pier 90 N.Y.C. In the designated order to load the Queen Mary for the first time on a double loading. Something over 16,000 troops. Other memorable shipments that summer were: As Casual Officers, Brig. General Charles L. Ryder, my first C.O. of Company B. 16th Infantry on 11-11-17 when I joined it in France. David Eisenhower, to serve on his father's staff.

Col.Fred T. Wilson, full dress uniform

a dotJanuary 13, 1943: Promoted Lieutenant Colonel and appointed Deputy Chief of Staff New York Port of Embarkation under Col. James E. Slack.

a dotBalance of 1943 and 1944: Served as Deputy Chief of Staff for Staging Areas and Facilities. Namely: Camps Kilmer, Shanks; Fort Slocum, Fort Hamilton; Brooklyn Army Base and Bush Terminal.

a dotDecember 21, 1944: Promoted to Colonel and appointed Assistant Chief of Staff and Temporaray Acting Chief of Staff.

a dotApril 1945:V.E. Day (Victory Europe) - served in the planningstages for "Welcome Home Activities."

a dotMay 1945: Served on detached service for short period at Philadelphia Port of Embarkation.

a dotJune 1945: Ordered to Seattle Port of Embarkation under Maj. General Denson C.G. who assigned me as 2nd in command of a new unit being organized within the Port Command called Northeast Fort Lewis Staging Facility - for the purpose of receiving returnees from the Pacific Theater. N.E.F.L.S.F. started under the command of Alfred L. Baylies, Col. T.C. with a station complement of 20 officers and 200 men; which grew in record time to about 200 officers and 2000 men. Started receiving returnees shortly after V.J. Day (Victory Japan).

a dotNovember 4, 1945: My 50th birthday. Under authority of a new army regulation permitting it and my prior request of General Denson, he released me from active service on this date. Louise and I left SEattle, WA on this date, by rail for a short few days vacation in Denver, CO enroute home.

a dotFebruary 19, 1946: Honorably relieved from active duty and appointed Colonel O.R.C.

a dotMarch 12, 1948:Resignation Colonel O.R.C. accepted.

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