Soissons-Paris Road, France
Where Grandpa was wounded - July 18,1918
Soissons-Paris Road, France
"...a photo showing the field over which your 1st Battalion of the 16th Infantry attacked through, the 2nd Battalion and where you must have been hit. The regiment attack zone was relatively narrow and is encompassed in the photo here as I was standing on the lane to Missy which was the regiment boundary. The main road visible here is the Soissons - Paris road, your objective and the site of the German machine gun positions. You can see that it is still lined with trees.

Soissons-Paris Road, France
The weather while I was there was superb, hot and dry and the countryside was literally ablaze with poppies! That is, the countryside except that along this stretch of road! While walking here I found one poppy and picked it, saying, "That's, for Fred!" It was quite close to this photo. 'I hope that it will be a poignant souvenir of my trip, to which you so generously contributed..." - Tom Gudmestad

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