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  After Riding in the Rain Tips from Team Rintala

You rock! Great riding today. It was wet and later windy too but you all did great and had tremendous attitudes. Here are a couple of suggestions for after any rain ride.

First and most important - Lube your chain! This will help displace water and keep your chain from rusting. If you are motivated, you may first rinse off your bike to clear some of the dirt. If you do rinse, don't blast your bike with high pressure water (especially areas like bottom brackets {where the cranks meet the frame} and wheel hubs). Then lube the chain. Tomorrow or the next day you ride take a rag and wipe off the excess lube.

Wipe down your seat with a towel to pull out some of the moisture.

Drying your shoes - It is useful to pull the insoles out of your shoes and then stuff the shoes with newspaper. Change the newspaper about 20-30 minutes after stuffing it. Then pull the next load out after an overnight sit and let the shoes finish drying if needed. Turning a fan on your shoes and insoles also helps but don't use a heated blow dryer or a fireplace. Heat risks damage to your shoes and drying the shoes too quickly can toughen the material.

Put your helmet and gloves somewhere they will dry, it is not fun to find these still wet later.

Note to those with a garage or covered parking. Be very careful not to pull into your space with your bike on the roof! This is especially easy when it is wet and unpleasant outside. If you have a key or garage door opener, put it in your glovebox until you have the bike off the car.

Grab some coffee or hot chocolate and stay warm!

Roger and Dawn
Team Rintala

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